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​​​​​​New​T Anchor​​​


​★Releasable Anchor for the Boat

★Super Lightweight Anchor 

・This is for small boats (up to 24 feet , kayaks, pleasure boats).           

・You will have to do without turning off the anchor rope. ​

  img022-2.gif  ABS08-1.6B(300KB).jpg



・Movement of the NewT Anchor in the case of minor snag​



・Movement of the NewT Anchor in the case of serious snag


★It will not pollute the sea, it is a 

 friendly anchor to the ​earth.​​

★This i​​​​​​​s the anchor that broke the stereotype of until now.

★When you use this anchor, you can enjoy the fishing without 

   worrying trouble.

★When the anchor is snagged, the arm of anchor is rotated 

   and the anchor can be recovered.​​

★In the case of serious trouble that the anchor can not be

   detached from the rock of the seabed even if the arm

   is rotated, the arms is released from the anchor and

   the anchor body can be recovered.

★Avoiding the abandonment of the anchor that contaminate

   the sea and it is friendly anchor to the earth.

★Of course, this anchor is valid even if the seabed is sandy.​

★NewT Anchor is made up of stainless steel rods  (8mm) ,

   ABS resin ,binding bands and PVC sheet.

★This item contains one spare​ arm.​​​

★The items of NewT Anchor​

 ・ABS08-2.3B --- the weighs 780g / up to 24feet

 ・ABS08-1.7B --- the weighs 685g / up to 16feet

 ・ABS08-k1.2B --- the weighs 630g / kayak and up to 10 feet​​

★This anchor takes effect by connecting the anchor chain.

 ・ABS08-2.3B --- Connect the short link chain (8mm-200cm) 

          to the anchor head and connect the short

                              link chain (8mm-100cm) to the anchor tail.​​

 ・ABS08-1.7B --- Connect the short link chain (8mm-100cm) 

          to the anchor head and connect the short

                              link chain (8mm-50cm) to the anchor tail.

 ・ABS08-k1.2B --- Connect the short link chain (8mm-100cm)

          to the anchor head and connect the short

                              link chain(8mm-50cm) to the anchor tail.​

​​★You can use the binding bands of various tensile strength

   according to the operating conditions.​

★ It is safe If we have a spare arm in fishing spot. If there is

    a spare arm you can assemble the anchor again.

★This anchor can be folded into a compact. ​

★The color of ABS resin is ivory white.

★This anchor has been made improvements every day. 

   This anchor will be changed the material and shape without 

   notice. Please acknowledge.​


​​yt-brand-standard-logo-95x40.png Releasable Anchor


★Movement of the anchor 

 of the case seabed of 

   sand and mud               img026.gif



The role of anchor chain​

★The anchor chain increases the overall weight of the anchor.

 And therefore the gripping force to the seabed of the anchor

 will increase.​

★The anchor chain can stabilize the attitude of the anchor. 

   The scope angle becomes smaller and the anchor will easily

   dive to the seabed.​

​​★The anchor chain will be able to prevent that the anchor 

    rope is in direct contact with the coral reefs and the like.

   It prevents wear of the anchor rope.​

★Please connect the anchor chain to the anchor head 

 and the anchor tail.​

​​​​★It is better to use a short link chain in the case of this 


​​​   ・Short link chain has a greater weight than the regular

      chain.​ You can avoid being caught in the coral reefs, 

      etc. since short chain can use.​

   ・We will compare the case of connecting NewT Anchor to 

      the short-link chain and the regular chain.​

       ① If you connect a regular chain (6mm-200cm) to the 

           anchor head and to connect a regular chain

           (6mm-100cm) to the anchor tail,the weight of the

           anchor is 685g, the weight of the chain is 7g/cm,

           the total weight will be 2785g(=685+7×300).​

       ② If you connect a short link chain (8mm-100cm) to 

           the anchor head and to connect a short link chain

           (8mm-50cm) to the anchor tail,the weight of the

           anchor is 685g, the weight of the chain is 14.5g/cm,

           the total weight will be 2844g(=685+14.5×150).​

   ・From the results of ① and ②, the short link chain

      (8mm) is to exert the same or more effects on half the

      length of the regular chain (6mm) proved.​

ショートリンクチェーン.jpgShort link chain of thickness 8mm​


★Attachment to the sea kayak​

★The anchor for kayaking is the same as the side brake of the

 car . If there is an anchor you can take a nap on top of the 

   kayak. Even if the sudden poor physical condition has 

   occurred, you can play for time on top of the kayak if there

   is an anchor. But for the anglers, that aim at carefully

​   prey in fishing point is the largest reason for having an 



★The photo above is an example of the outfitting the NewT Anchor to
 the kayak. Mr.K of the owner of this kayak, previously was using an
 ordinary holding anchor. He was lost  it by snag. He is to reduce
   theweight of the outfitting, has adopted the NewT Anchor of body
   weight 680g. He uses instead of anchor rope wrapped around the 
   No. 12 of the PE line on the reel. It is a great idea to make the PE line
   to the anchor rope. The usual case of about 10 feet of the fishing
   boat, it might be easy to use No. 12~ No. 30 PE line given the
   operability.  If you can be wound the PE line about 100m to a large 
   reel, we think that it is easy to use and compact. The tensile strength
   of No.30 PE line is 100kg.

★Recovery support point of the anchor has a bow portion

 of the most stable against reaction force.​


★​​​​​The folding of NewT anchor​


​​​・NewT anchor can be folded into a compact. Assembly is easy​



​​・The tip of the anchor arms have been working round, 

 used in the rubber dinghy also is safe.

​★Voice of the purchaser​

    ・Mr.K  (Nara  Japan)

       I did not lose never anchor when I went fishing last five

       times. So far the arm was lost twice by snags.  I bought

       several additional arms only. Big advantage is to not lose

       the anchor body. And it is that very light at less than 1kg

       also include two chains that was attached to both ends of

       the anchor. Boat by this anchor will stop reliably if the

       seabed is rock. The boat was stopped except for very

       strong tidal currents even if the seabed is sand.


​★Commodity prices 

​ and How to Buy​

★Those who wish to buy, please order by e-mail on the 

   description the following items 

 ・① ~⑲ item number and item name:

 ・Number of orders:



 ・Phone number:

​    かわはぎ.gif           E-​mail



①ABS08-2.3B  $ 44

   Fits Boats Up To 24ft​



②ABS08-1.7​B  $ 41

   Fits Boats Up To 16ft​​



③ABS08-K1.2​​​B  $ 38

   Fits Kayaks & Boats Up To 16ft​​​


Slide Cylinder08(300KB).jpg

④ Slide-cylinder08   $ 5

    ABS resin. By sliding, you can collapse

    the anchor to the compact.

    It is for ABS08-1.7B and ABS08-k1.2B.​


Slide Cylinder0821(300KB).jpg

⑤ Slide-cylinder08   $ 6

    ABS resin. By sliding, you can collapse

    the anchor to the compact.

    It is for ABS08-2.3B. 


Arm Holder08.jpg

⑥ Arm-holder08   $ 6

    ABS resin. And it established a four 

    arm-facing, to secure the arm to the

    axis of the anchor.​



⑦ Shaft08-2.3B   $9.5

⑧ Shaft08-1.7B   $9

⑨ Shaft08-k1.2B   $8.5

    It is a solid stainless steel rod of

    thickness 8mm. Shackles (4mm) are 

    attached to both ends.​



⑩ Arm08-2.3B   $5.5

⑪ Arm08-1.7B   $5

⑫ Arm08-k1.2B   $4.5

    It is a solid stainless steel rod of 

    thickness 8mm. Tip has been machined

    round, it is safe in the rubber dinghy​.

    Arm-tie is attached one by one.​


Arm Tie ver.2.jpg

⑬ Arm-tie08-2   $2.5

    Plastic sheet. To connect the anchor body

    and the arm, it will prevent the lost of the

    arm. It is a set of four.​If set to double, 

    the anchor will be hard to miss.​


Short Link Chain08-2000.jpg

⑭ Short-link-chain08-2000     $ 22

    Thickness 8mm hot-dip galvanized steel. 

    It is connected to the hea​d side of the

    ABS08-2.3B. Weight 2800g​


Short Link Chain.jpg

⑮Short-link-chain08-1000     $ 11​ ​​​​​ 

   Thickness 8mm hot-dip galvanized steel. 

   It is connected to the tail side of the 


​   And it is connected to the head side of the 

   ABS08-1.7B.​ Weight 1400g​​ 

⑯Short-link-chain08-500     $ 5.5​ 

   Thickness 8mm hot-dip galvanized steel. 

   It is connected to the tail side of the 

   ABS08-1.7B or ABS08-k1.2B.

​   Weight 700g


Safety Wire.jpg

⑰Safety Wire 08-2.3B   $ 6

⑱Safety Wire 08-1.7B   $ 5.5​

⑲Safety Wire 08-k1.2B    $ 5

At the time of the trouble of the anchor, 

it is stainless steel wire with a diameter of 

1.5mm to escape to reverse the direction 

of the anchor. Shackle will be attached to it.​​

かわはぎ.gif                           E-​mail​​